Yellow Daffodils

Beatles Poster, Love Headboard, Mr Bright Chair, Oswald Sofa

I love yellow. It’s one of the few colors I wear. (For me it’s black all the way!) I stumbled upon these daffs during a walk around town in April. They got me thinking on other ways I could incorporate bursts of sunshine into my life. And while I’m dirt broke now (what up poor grad student!!) I can always dream of the days when I can afford things for my home.

If you like the Love headboard as much as I do check out the blog House Tweaking. More specifically here (for the headboard’s touching back story) and here (the installation and finished product). DIY at its finest.

One thought on “Yellow Daffodils

  1. Nice pix, B.

    I like red and I also like orange. If I had a big modernist home with open space and floor to ceiling windows, orange would feature strongly and I would have an orange Smeg fridge in my kitchen. I’ll have a look at that blog now. I do like a bit of unusual when it comes to… well, almost anything!

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