Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

Finally some more photos from NYC shenanigans. When Erin told me about Brooklyn she said something about ‘I have to take you there, Brianna. Your people are there.’ My people? What does that mean? I have people?

After a day of doing the tourist thing (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island etc), it was time to get a taste of the locals. So on Saturday, Erin and I jumped on a train and headed to Williamsburg for some vintage shopping and festival fooding. As soon as we got out of the station *bam* Graffiti, cute outfits, artsy atmosphere and beards galore. My kind of people. My kind of place. Well played, Erin. Well played.

We spent hours in a vintage store wandering around the color coordinated clothing racks, trying on the musty smelling pieces. We made some purchases then headed off in search of food. And by food I mean booze followed by food followed by booze followed by more food. Sangria Pitchers in the sun followed by the best falafel of life followed by adult lemonades followed by cucumber hummus from the grocery store.

Seriously, Smorgasburg was everything a foodie could ask for. And I’m not even a foodie. The tagline on their website: Brooklyn Flea Food Market. I thought I had died and gone to gluten-free heaven. There is also a section, SmorgasBar (Aren’t these people clever?), where you have to flash your membership card to get in. (By membership card I mean you have to be 21+ to get a drinking bracelet.) It’s a selection of local beer, wine, and spirits. All made in Brooklyn. Genius and delicious. Erin and I had a watermelon lemonade made with NY Distilling’s Dorothy Parker gin. (Spoiler Alert: I didn’t end up in a gin-fueled cry session that typically happens upon gin ingestion. Success.) We ended up leaving Smorgasburg sooner than originally planned because these two guys, both named Jim or James or Steve or something, wouldn’t stop talking. ‘I’m in advertising,’ JimJamesSteve 1.0 told me. ‘But I’m writing a screen play.’ Of course you are, buddy, of course you are.

Cue: Our exit.

We high tailed it out of there under the guise of a bathroom run. But, not wanting to head back to the apartment quite yet, we ducked into a pub and spent the rest of the afternoon in the beer garden. It reminded me of the West Port in St Andrews so I was in love immediately.

Brooklyn was wonderful. The only place in NYC that I could picture myself living. It had a certain style about it that I loved. But the best part, by far, was all the hysterical laughter and photo sessions with Erin.

Note: Smorgasburg happens every Saturday until November 17th so if you’re in the area better head there soon.

5 thoughts on “Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed visiting Brooklyn! Williamsburg is my neighborhood and I have to agree its pretty awesome. Smorgasburg is one if my favorite things to do on the weekend.

  2. Smorgasburg sounds great, but why is it only around until November? Is it one of those places that pops up for a few months a year, or something? Regardless, Brooklyn looks good. I think I should pay it a visit the next time I’m in that part of the world.

    • I’m thinking it’s because of the weather? I suppose no one wants to start around eating/drinking in the cold wind and snow. Incredulous. As that falafel was so good I’d go to the north pole (or even new jersey) for it.

  3. Poor JimJamesSteve. Multiple blog posts on one trip? I need to take note. I tend to cram all my jumbled up thoughts about something into one disjointed post. No good. No good.

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