Windsor Great Park

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I realized I only have 6 weeks (or maybe now it’s 5?? YIKES!) until the Rock n Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon. I haven’t even booked my hotel yet! And, after a bit of a set back due to an ankle/heel/foot thing (how scientific!) and overall stress of moving, I’m now having to struggle my way back to pre-move running shape. Ugh. It’s hard. So in an effort to get off the treadmill out of the fun-sucking gym, I’ve been trying out new running routes in the area.

I managed to find a 10 mile out and back route that takes me right from my door, past some really great little houses, through a deer park, along the Long Walk and right up to the foot of Windsor Castle. It’s hilly, scenic and, more importantly, doesn’t go anywhere near my gym. Win, win, win!

These photos were taken over the weekend… When it was miserable and cold. But today Spring is in the air and the sun is shining. So I’m off to bask in the sunshine and stock up on allergy pills.